Davis Tournament Info

The teams are listed here.
The schedule is listed

NOTE: The clinic is at 9 a.m. Please check in (arrive at the field) NO LATER than 8:30. Be sure to consider length of drive, and a short walk from the partaking to the field when making your travel plans.

After you have looked at the team you are on, you must go on to the Davis site to register and fill out the medical information ONLINE. There are no paper forms for this tournament and if they don’t have you signed up, you won’t be able to play. Please do this as soon as possible.

U14 go to
this page
U16 go to
this page

Where is says “School/Team” you need to go to the pull down menu and find your team name. The rest of the form just needs to be filled out.

The tournament rules and information are listed

We will post the schedule and final details as soon as we receive them.

Berkeley Tournament

We finally have finalized schedules for this weekend’s tournament. It often takes two or three revisions until we get the final one since there are so many teams. There are clinics 30 min. before each age group’s first games. We have listed times to get to the field so that coaches can take attendance and get you warmed up. Please plan accordingly so you can be there on time.

U12-Sunday 8:00
U14-Saturday 7:15
U16-Saturday 11:00

Teams-For U16 and U14, the Black and Ebony (for U16) are the more experienced players and the pink and white are intermediate and some beginners.

There is no specific address but if you put
Underhill Grarage, Berkeley into Google Maps it will get you there. We have it marked on the Tournament Page.

There will be food and equipment for sale. Bring food, chairs, sun protection, water, equipment and NON-CLEAT shoes. They can be turf shoes but not big cleats. You can wear sneakers if you don’t have turf shoes. If you haven’t yet received your uniform, it will be there this weekend. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at strykerfieldhockeyclub@gmail.com.

Saturday’s Schedule
Saturday’s Pools
Saturday’s Schedule and Pools
Sunday’s Schedule and Pools