This Week and Beyond

This week:
We have training team, elite team and regular Sat. practice this week. We understand that some of you may be out for Spring Break but we want to offer as many opportunities as we can for your to practice. During the week of April 4-8 there will be NO Training Team, Elite Team, or regular Sat. practices. (see below regarding April 9th and 10th)

Stanford Tournament- IMPORTANT-Instead of entering the Stanford Tournament on the weekend of April 9th (originally for U14/16/19) we will be scrimmaging with local clubs. U19 and U16 will be at Los Altos High School from 8-10 on Sunday, April 10th and U14 will be at Leigh on Sat., April 9th from 1-3. Since we will have the field, Coach Paul may want to have U12 practice that day as well. He will let you know.

East Bay tournament-(U14 and U12 only) Right now we are scheduled to send one team for April 23rd and one team for April 30th. We requested two but they wanted to open it for a variety of clubs and have a limit of 6 teams. Coach Denise and Paul will put teams together for each weekend. We will not have U12/14 practices those weekends, so if you are not playing, we are encouraging you to go up and cheer on your teammates. Please show your availability for both weekends on Team Snap as that will help the coaches place you on a team

Practice Schedule-Please check the Calendar tab on this website for all of the practices. There are some weeks that have no practice scheduled. Also, we have a Google Calendar page under CALENDAR which is updated and has everything listed. We will try to send out reminders, but please check as well. Also continue to check your Team Snap email for updates and reminders.

Gilroy Tournament Waiver-If you are signed up to play, this needs to be filled out and turned in. Click here General Tournament times have been updated on the Tournament page.

Stryker Gear-We still have Stryker gear that you can purchase. We also have limited uniform (tops, skirts and socks) available. The price list is attached here. We have some older items for sale so if you are interested, let us know and we can get it for you. Here is our inventory and cost:
Sweatshirt BLACK 8oz ($27)-adult small 2, adult med 2, youth large 2 (1 slightly used for SALE at $15)
Sweatshirt PINK 10 oz ($30)-youth med 2, adult med. 1 (these run large)
Reversibles ($16)-extra small and sm/med several available at each size
SALE $10) Adult small 2, adult med 2, adult large 1 picture here
SALE $7) Adult med. 2, adult large 3
SALE $7) Adult med. 2, adult large 2 picture here

We also have solid black shorts with a white stripe down the sides. They are longer soccer/softball style. We used to offer them instead of the skorts. We have 2 women’s small and 5 women’s medium. We will sell for $5 or best offer. Let us know.
picture here

Final Details for Davis

We received our schedules late last night and then a “do-over” early this morning. Thank you for being patient. Here is some import information for the weekend:

Schedule- Sat. U14/16
Sun. U19
Rules-click here
What to bring-equipment, non molded cleats. There will be food to purchase with cash or check. Also, plan on bringing foldable chairs and a pop-up. Some people will bring their own but they may be sharing it with a larger group.
Field Location-Davis Field
Arrival Time-U14 be there at 7. U16 needs to be there no later than 7:15. U19 should be there by 7:15 as well (unless your coach has told you otherwise).
Updated roster list- click here Several people have had to back out due to injury or illness. We may make adjustments to teams in the morning (depending on attendance)
Uniforms-Head coaches have your uniforms if you weren’t there last weekend.

NOTE: The clinic is at 8 a.m. and coaches will be checking in by 7:30. There are still a few of you that have not registered and filled out the online waiver. If those are not filled out, you will not be able to play. Check your emails from Team Snap. They were sent out earlier this week with a few reminders.
U14-Emina, Madeline
U16-Sierra, Ester

Davis Tournament

We are still waiting for a schedule for next weekend’s Davis tournament. Just so you know, we end up receiving 4-5 revisions before the actual date. We will post the schedule when we get it (and any important updates) on this page.

IMPORTANT:Remember that you must go online to register yourself and fill out the waiver. No waiver, no play. Check your Team Snap emails as Justine sent out the directions recently. Also, NO MOLDED SOCCER CLEATS ALLOWED. Turf or other athletic shoes only.

As far as teams, we may need to make changes on the day of the tournament depending upon attendance. Last weekend alone, we had 5 people that had to cancel last minute due to injury or health. Please be flexible on the team lists and know that there might be some last minute changes.

Davis Team Roster
Field Location

Important Last Minute Updates and Reminders

Here are a few things you need to know for this weekend:
  • The U16 schedule has been updated with a few changes.
  • Tina is sick and will not be coming. Madison and Stephanie will be U16 coaches
  • Uniforms will be available at the beginning of each day.
  • U12 doesn’t need to be there until 8 a.m.
  • U16 needs to be there by 6:30 and U14/U19 should get there by 6:00-Remember the time change!
  • Bring the appropriate shoes or you will not be able to play-tennis or athletic shoes NOT molded soccer cleats.
  • The field is located at the Underhill Parking Structure. It is at the corner of College and in between Hastes and Channing if you look on a map. There is pay parking inside the garage but make sure to pay for your parking otherwise you will get a ticket. The entrance to the field is on the east side of the field off of College.

The head coach at Cal sent a final reminder:

Hi Everyone:

Just a last communication to welcome you to campus this weekend. Please be sensitive to the fact that this new location may have a few growing pains as we get to know our new home. 

Spectators will not be allowed on the turf. I would appreciate it if you could share this with your supporters. We have a concrete sideline area for everyone that is not a player or coach. We are renting bleachers and portable toilets for your convenience.

Also be advised that any player without a waiver (submitted and documented by US Camps) will not receive a player wristband. Every coach will receive a maximum of 10 wristbands.

There will be space available on the sidelines for pop ups on a first come basis. There is limited space, but until it is filled up that space can be used for pop ups. 

There is also covered space below in the parking garage, it is a garage so use caution if using it for cover as there will be cars in it.

Lastly, a reminder, molded soccer cleats will not be allowed on the field, as your players begin to pack for the weekend please remind them to bring approved footwear.

Berkeley Roster and Schedule

After 3-4 schedule updates, we are hoping this is the last one. Please check this page on Friday evening in case of any updates. Remember NO MOLDED SOCCER CLEATS WILL BE ALLOWED. You can wear turf shoes or tennis/jogging style shoes. We will be playing rain or shine, so bring appropriate gear and even some pop-up tents too. This is a new field area so we all don’t know exactly what to expect in seating. We heard that there may be some bleachers but you can bring chairs as well.

Roster-Here is the roster for all of the teams. Be aware that some teams may change due to attendance. Also if an emergency comes up and you can’t attend, please contact your head coach.

Schedule-Before the games there is a clinic for all players at 7:30. Coaches check in at 7:00 a.m. so all players should aim to be up at Berkeley by 6:30. That give us time to check in players, pass out uniforms, and get to the field. REMEMBER to change your clock on Sat. evening. Also, U12 will have a combination of games and special clinics. They will probably be done a little bit earlier than U16.
U16 and U12 on Sat.
U19 and U14 is on Sun. schedule

Berkeley This Week

We have our first major college tournament this weekend at Berkeley. We have the schedule but are waiting on a few final schedule details but plan on being there EARLY. We will also hand out uniform orders. Listed below is the info that was sent to us. We will post the team rosters and schedules on this page TOMORROW. NOTE:There is no Sat. training this weekend due to the tournament.

Berkeley Information:

  • As a reminder, the event will occur on our new hockey pitch. Please ensure that all of your athletes wear proper hockey shoes. We will not allow any of the soccer molded cleats, it either needs to be a hockey turf shoe or a running shoe. No exceptions will be made for this.

  • On the turf there is not a ton of extra room, so only the coaches and athletes that are playing at that time will be allowed on the turf, all others must remain in the spectator area.

  • There will be seating on bleachers  however if parents want to bring their own chairs or pop up tents those are allowed space permitting, 

  • The field is located at the Underhill Parking Structure. It is at the corner of College and in between Hastes and Channing if you look on a map. There is pay parking inside the garage but make sure to pay for your parking otherwise you will get a ticket. The entrance to the field is on the east side of the field off of College.

  • As a reminder only 10 players are allowed on a roster for a team.

  • The clinic will begin a half hour before the first scheduled game. At that same time there will be a coaches meeting. The meeting will take place under the Cal popup tent that has the scores and registration.

  • On the schedule teams listed first are in white, teams listed second are in dark.

  • There will be concessions and apparel available for sale, cash only, we will have coffee and breakfast items in the morning, water, gatorade and snack in the afternoon as well as subway sandwiches. Please let you athletes know so they can bring money as needed. 

  • There will be porta-potties available for use on the plaza outside the field on the College side.

  • The game times will be 15 minute long games on Saturday and 14 minute long games on Sunday. On both days it is a quick turn around to the next game, only 2 minutes, so please have your teams ready to go and teams hop off in a timely manner so the next game gets to start on time.