Gilroy Tournament and Tuesday Practice

The Gilroy Indoor teams are posted here and on the tournaments page. If there are last minute changes let Coach Karin or Coach Tina know. We will update any team changes by Friday. Also, be sure to get moleskin to put on the bottom of the stick. They will have some for purchase but last year they ran out.

We haven’t received the schedule but will post it as soon as we get it. Please keep checking this page.

As far as Tuesday’s practice....rain is schedule all day tomorrow. We will keep an eye on it and send out an update by 3:30 so you can make plans. We apologize for having to be patient will the weather updates, but we are REALLY glad to have weather updates since that means RAIN!!! As always, thanks for your flexibility.

U16 at Berkeley

The only info I have received is that you need to be at Memorial Field by 11 a.m. Come a little early so that you can find your coaches and teammates.

If we receive a game schedule, we will post it right away and send out an email.

Today's U14 Practice

The weather forecast keeps adjusting but still looks like rain. It is raining up in the peninsula enough that many of the other club’s players have already cancelled (they have a much longer commute). Anyways, both clubs have mutually decided to cancel todays’ combined practice due to the weather. We hope this decision has been made early enough for you to make plans.

We will still have practice next Tuesday and next Sat. is Gilroy’s indoor tournament. We will post info for that early this week.

U19 schedule posted

We have received the U19 schedule and it is posted below:


Also, this information was sent by the Cal coach:

Please understand that the schedule I send out does not include the crossover and the final. We will conclude by 4:00 on Saturday.

Advise your players that the entrance to Memorial Stadium will be open at 7:15 at the North end. That is the side of our currently renovating hockey field. Captains meeting at 7:30, clinic at 7:40, games begin at 8:00 sharp. If your team is not on the field for the first whistle, it will be a forfeit.

One of the pools has 5 teams, rather than 6. We plan to fill the gap with "friendlies," which will give playing time but will not count in the standings, FYI. I did my best to find a 24th team, but no luck.

It is Spring Break, so hopefully parking will be easier than usual, but plan ahead and be prepared to pay weekend rates. Bowles lot and Witter field are the most convenient.

We have secured a new XBOX console for a raffle. It is valued at $500.00. Bring your dollars: $5.00 per ticket, 20.00 for 5 tickets.

Finally, rain is likely on Saturday, so come prepared. There is plenty of room in the stadium for spectators and family. Bring shelter if you have it. We will have a tent for concessions, not for shelter. Let's hope for the best.

We will post the U16 schedule as soon as they send it to us. Also, recheck the teams as there have been a few adjustments.

Berkeley Teams

Berkeley Teams Posted

Teams are posted for the Berkeley tournament this weekend. We will post the schedule and last minute instructions once we receive it. Also, be sure to check Wed. and Friday for any last minute changes or additions.

Berkeley Teams

Also, we usually don’t have practice on Saturdays when there is a tournament scheduled for a weekend. This Saturday, however, we have invited Stanford Lightning to join us for the day. This is for all of the U14, U12, and U10 players. Older players not going to the tournament are more than welcome to come out and use the turf or help out with younger players. Practice is a normal 3-5 time.

Tuesday practices begin this week from 5-7. They are an additional opportunity for you to practice your field hockey skills. We know you have a lot going on during the week so feel free to come if you can fit it in, but don’t feel bad or feel that you have to contact us if you can’t come. IMPORTANT: When you come on Tuesdays, wait in the bleachers until the coaches have you come on to the field. The Leigh track and field team practices and we need to be out of their way.

Davis, Uniforms, and Spiritwear

Stryker had a great time at Davis last weekend. We took two U16 and two U14 teams. Teams at the U16 played well and beat some excellent opponents. Also, one of the U14 teams took the top honor and won their pool. For many of the U14 players it was their first opportunity at playing in a game. A big thanks for coaches Tina, Paul, Jessica, Audri and Stephanie. Great job!

For those of you that were not there, you will receive your uniforms on Saturday. We still have additional gear if you are interested. If you would like to order something, please email us and we can confirm our inventory and bring it to the next practice. We can also bring them to a practice for you to check out sizing/fit. We also have a few clearance items as well.

Strykerwear Available:
Long sleeve black tees-only adult sizes. ON SALE for $10 (normally $18)
Black short with white piping on the sides-women’s small and med. only ON CLEARANCE for $10 (sold for $15 with uniforms last year)
skorts-to wear with uniforms-the girls looked great last week-sizes girl’s small through adult large $24
Practice jersey-players need one (unless they have their own) at practice xs/s and m/lg. $16
Black hooded sweatshirts (various sizes)-$25
Pink hooded sweatshirts (various sizes and 2 oz. thicker)-$30
Pink short-sleeved tees (various sizes)-$15
Black short-sleeved tees (various sizes)-$15
Black and pink socks (in case you need a back-up or two)-$8

Get your Strykerwear items before they run out.

Last Minute Reminders

There is no NEW information for Sunday. The schedule and teams remain the same. This is the “last minute reminder” sent to us (from UC Davis coach Pile) so I thought I’d pass them on to you. We will see you at 7:30 on Sunday. Go Strykers!

(NOTE: There will be no more updates for Davis on this page. Any updates will be texted or emailed)

Hello Coaches and Managers,

Here is one last email as we prepare for you to visit. Please pass this one along to all players and parents.
We have another copy of the schedules that has typos fixed in it, game times are still same as earlier this week.

We will have muffins and coffee for sale for $1 each in the morning. We will also be selling gatorade, water, chips, Jamba Juice, Subway and candy throughout the day. These will be cash only sales.

Please also find an attached copy of
venue and game rules. It will be very warm tomorrow and there is not much shade so please feel free to bring pop up tents.

We look forward to having a great weekend with lots of hockey!

Coach Pile

Austin Pile
Assistant Coach
UC Davis Field Hockey
2264 Cowell
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616
Cell- (530) 219-2887
Fax- (530) 752-6681

Davis Tournament Updates

Included in this post is important information and updates for this weekend. Teams are posted on the tournament page or simply click here. They HAVE been changed due to additions and cancellations. The schedule is also updated on the tournament page or you can click here as well. You should print a copy as coaches will not be bringing extras but there will be some posted on walls.

Also, Davis will be selling Jamba Juice and Subway sandwiches for $4.50 each. They will also have additional food, drinks and gear for sale. They will take only cash for food items.

Players need to meet at the EAST concourse at the Aggie Stadium (near 451 Health Science Drive) at 7:30 a.m. Please allow enough time to get there so you can be on time. At 7:30 you will get uniforms, meet with coaches and prepare for the clinic (short drills and instruction) that goes from 8:15-8:45. The tournament will begin right after that. There is a coaches’ meeting at 8:30.

Remember to bring all of your equipment (shin guards, mouth guards, sticks, hair bands, shoes, etc.). Also bring snacks and/or a lunch and lots of water. Don’t forget your sunscreen either. It will be toasty. It would be great if a parent or two brought an easy up to set up in the stadium. We will have a banner and designate a section to meet.

Please check this site on Friday in case there are any last minute updates. Also, if you are not on the text list, please sign up with the information below:

U14 players-send a text to 408.426.4982 with the message @u14te
U16 players-send a text to 408.426.4982 with the message @u16te
U19 players-send a text to 408.426.4982 with the message @u19t

Davis Teams Posted

The Davis teams have been posted on the tournament page. Once we have the schedule, we will post that as well. Plan to get there by 7:30 a.m. to check in and get suited up. Keep checking back on this page to be sure you have the most updated information. I will do a final post on Friday.

After Friday, all updates will be texted. If you haven’t yet signed up to be on our text list, please do so using the information below:

U14 players-send a text to 408.426.4982 with the message @u14te
U16 players-send a text to 408.426.4982 with the message @u16te
U19 players-send a text to 408.426.4982 with the message @u19t

NOTE: If you are playing at multiple age levels, please sign up for both levels.

Also, uniforms will be delivered at the tournament. Be sure you bring all of your personal equipment.

Practice Today-2:00 Post

Weather looks great. Maybe a bit windy, but 0% chance of rain. Be sure to bring a jacket and wear shoes that have texture (cleats, turf shoes or similar) since the surface will be a bit damp. We’ll start at 3 and have a quick Cal Cup Meeting after practice ends at 5.

Practice-March 1st

According to it looks like there might be rain at 3pm but should clear up. We will keep and eye on the conditions and will repost close to 2 pm if conditions look like they will change. We are planning to have regular practice from 3-5 pm. As a reminder, there will be a quick Cal Cup meeting right after practice for all interested U14 and U16 parents (or for those who have any questions about club hockey). We would like to take at least two teams to the tournament this year.