Updates and Upcoming Events

We are going well into the second month of the club season. We have had a few issues (field rental) to work out but things seem to be going smoothly. Here are some updates for this week.

Stanford Tournament-We have decided to not participate in this tournament due to the cost (nearly double all of the others). Many other clubs are doing the same and we will replace the tournament with inner-club scrimmages.

East Bay Tournaments-This is for U12 and U14. We may only get to bring one team on each date. Once the tournament organizer lets us know, we will post the dates. We still need a waiver on file. Please download and fill out.

Cal/Davis/UOP-We also need waivers for these tournaments. We have the one for Cal and UOP and are waiting on Davis. IMPORTANT: For all of the college tournaments you CANNOT wear soccer cleats. Players must wear tennis shoes or specific shoes made for turf (they have small nubs on them). Players will not be allowed on the playing turf without the correct shoes.

Contacting coaches-If you have questions or concerns about an issue at your age level (i.e. tournament teams, attendance, etc.). Please contact your Head coach. They are listed below. All emails will be forwarded to them. They will send out a Team Snap email with their contact info (if they haven’t already).
Training and U19-Jessica

Game availability on Team Snap-It was closed due to the need to sign up for tournaments. If you need to change your av availability you must contact your Head Coach. Some tournaments are limited so you may be put on a waiting list.

Waivers-If you haven’t yet completed them, print them and you can mail them to: 1778 Michon Dr. San Jose, CA 95124. NOTE: Only fill out the player information. If there is a roster sheet, please ignore-we fill those parts out.
East Bay (U12 and U14)
UOP (U14/16/19)
Berkeley (all ages)

Uniforms-These will be handed out at the Berkeley tournament. If you are unable to attend, they will be handed out at the next practice. If you are unable to attend, then you will need to make arrangements to pick up the uniform.

Gilroy Tournament

Unfortunately the schedules are not able to be loaded on to the website. The will be on a Team Snap email. Coaches may move players around depending on attendance so don’t be attached to your team assignment. Think flexibility (and grace).

Also, if you haven’t filled out a waiver, please print one out and bring it. It couldn’t hurt to bring one down with you. It’s been a bit crazy collecting paperwork recently as much of this was so much earlier in the season than ever before. Again, we appreciate your patience and positivity. We hope this is a great experience as we start the competitive season.

Good luck tomorrow and have a great time!