Feb. 15th and 22nd Practices

After looking at the results of the survey it looks like we WON”T have practice this Sat. (the 15th-except for Lil’ Strykers) and we WILL have practice on the 22nd. Since the 22nd will be a smaller group due to the holiday break, we will start at 3 and end at 4:30. We will send out Team Snap and Remind 101 notices.

Also, if you haven’t received a Team Snap request, please contact us ASAP so that we can adjust your contact info.

Don’t forget that uniform orders are due Sat. You can mail the uniform orders sheets to the address on the form. We will be putting the orders together next week.

Today's Practice 2 pm Post

Looks like there’s even a less chance of rain now. It might get a little wet after 4, but shouldn’t be too much. We WILL be practicing from 3-5. Dress accordingly and come early so you are ready to go at 3. We will start taking roll at 3.

Today's Practice 12:00 Post

Looks like we will have light rain for practice so we are planning to be out there. We should get a full practice in before any serious rain starts. We will do a final post at 2 p.m. Dress accordingly. Come a little early so you are ready to go and we can utilize the entire practice time.

Practice and Rain

Since rain is predicted tomorrow at practice time we will keep an eye out and let you know. We plan to practice unless it is a downpour. We will post, send emails and texts (for those of you who have signed up) by 2 p.m. If you still need to sign up for the text service (called Remind 101) see the information below:

All U14 and under-test 408.426.4982 and send @u14te as the message
U16-text 408 426.4982 and send @u16te as the message
U19-text 408 426.4982 and send @u19t as the message

Both parents and players can sign up. This will be our main mode of communication of last minute changes during the season.
You can also email us as well.

Practice Today!

Practice starts today for ALL age groups. There will also be someone to collect registration materials if you are new or unable to come to registration last week. Be sure all paperwork is complete and come a little early if you need to turn it in. Also, those of you already registered, come early so you can be ready to go at 3p.m.