UOP Tournament

Below is the information that we received from the UOP coach. The clinic begins at 7:30 and is more of a demonstration rather than a participation, however all players need to be there by AT LEAST 7:15 to check in with coaches so that they can check in the teams at 7:30. Coaches may send you an individual email for any specific information. Bring tents and chairs to sit in as well as food and snacks. It will be a long BUT fun day.
U16 Schedule-Sat. (Check on Friday for any last minute changes)
U14/19 Schedule-Sun. (Check on Friday for any last minute changes)
Team Roster (may change on the day of the tournament due to attendance)
Campus Map-with the field marked

Directions-The address is 3601 pacific ave but that will take you to the front of campus. If you are coming off the i5 heading north take Pershing ave and you'll be on that road for a mile or two. Turn right at Larry heller drive (you'll see the university) and our field is on the left hand side next to the new tennis facility. 

From the UOP Assistant Coach:

Saturday U16-
18 min games with 2 minutes break between each game
5 games total
3 pools

Clinic 7:30-8:00
Games 8:20-1:20

Sunday U14-
15 minute games (since the pool is so big and they are playing 7 games)
7 games total
1 pool

18 minute games 
5-6 games total
3 pools

Clinic 7:30-8:00
Games 8:00-5:00

As you can see we will be doing some things a little differently this year but with the same structure of games.  We changed to 6v6 so players could get more touches on the ball per game.  Rules with stay the same as FIH international with penalty corners this year. NO POWER PLAYS.  3 players plus a keeper in goal to defend and attackers will line up along a straight line (no circles on these small fields) 16 yard away from goal like any regular hockey game.  

We have had permanent cameras installed at the field last fall so we will be filming games all day for coaches. Games will be uploaded to a server for coaches to download a few days after the tournament. 

There will be a merchandise area like usual but with the addition of a credit card swipe on an iPad this year so we will be taking cash and credit!

Finally, we are running our clinic a little differently this year.  We have found that in the past the clinic is not as productive as we would like it to be. There are limited touches on the ball due to a high volume of players and little amount of time at each station.  This year our clinic will consist of our own collegiate team practicing for 25 minutes.  We are really encouraging every team to come at 730 to watch our girls play 1 high intensity drill and scrimmage so the kids can see what type of level they are aspiring to play at when they graduate.  During the clinic, coaches can register and meet with me regarding rules and logistics.  After the clinic games are due to start at 8:20 Saturday and 8:00 AM SHARP!!! We are running tight schedules so the clock will start for games whether teams are on the field or not.