UOP Tournament

The teams and schedule are set for the UOP tournament. Registration is from 7:30-8:00 and the clinic will go from 8:00 to 8:30. It is an early morning but you need to aim to get to the campus by 7:15. For many of you this is the first time at this field location. There is a lot of nearby shade and grass area but bring shade just in case. Also, double check your gear bag and be sure you have ALL of your equipment. Bring lots of water and snacks for the day. Also, be sure to NOT wear large cleated soccer shoes.

Sat. U16 Schedule
Sun. U14/19 Schedule
Campus Map

There have been a lot of emails regarding availability so there may be a few errors on the roster. If there is a problem, let us know. We will post any changes by Friday evening.

Stanford Teams and MORE!

The Stanford tournament information is posted below. Please be sure to print out a copy and bring it with you. Also, as a reminder...bring all parts of your uniform and equipment. Be sure to wear flat soled shoes or turf style shoes-no soccer cleats. Each team will have 4 games that are around 25 min. Only 4 field players and a goalie play so be ready for lots of running.

Stanford Teams-please email us with any corrections-IF YOU CAN’T ATTEND, LET US KNOW ASAP
Stanford Schedule-If there are any changes to the schedule or teams, we will post Friday

All U14 teams must check in at 7:15 on Sat. as games begin at 8:00
All U16 teams must check in at 12:45 on Sat. as games begin at 1:30
U19 Styrker Black must check in at 10:45 on Sun. as games begin at 11:30
U19 Stryker Pink must check in at 7:45 on Sun. as games begin at 8:30

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t yet signed up or changed your status for Gilroy Outdoor or the May 2nd Youth Tournament (for ALL u14 players), you must do so by Sunday as availability will be locked after that day and you may be put on a waiting list.

NOTE: If you are missing one pink sock, we found it at the last tourney. Let us know.

Stryker Wear still available-If you are interested in purchasing any of the following items, let us know and we can hold them for you. Bring the money to the next tournament.
Long Sleeve Black tees-adult sm (2), adult med (2), adult large (2) SALE PRICE $8
Black tee-adult med (4), adult large (3) SALE PRICE $10
Pink tee-adult med (2), adult large (2) SALE PRICE $10
Pink hoodie 10oz.-youth med (1), adult med (1), adult large (1) SALE PRICE $25
Black hoodie 8oz.-youth large (1), SALE PRICE $221 youth large used in good shape $5

We also have plenty of socks and reversible jerseys. ($8 and $16)

Gilroy Indoor Tournament

We finally have an updated schedule for the Gilroy Fun Fest Indoor Tournament. The reason we don’t post sooner is because we usually receive a first schedule the Tuesday or Wed. of a tournament week. There are usually several mistakes that get worked out and resent to us by Thursday. I will post any changes by Friday p.m. (if there are any).

Indoor Schedule-Be sure to check start times. They may differ than previously communicated.
Indoor Teams-There were 5-10 changes this week. If you see a mistake, please let us know

NOTE: U19 and U16 teams play from 8-12:30. Plan to be there no later than 7:15 to check in with your coaches. U14 plays from 1-4. You will need to be there by 12:15. Both the U12 and U10 teams play from 4-7:30 p.m. Plan to be there no later than 3:15.

Don’t forget:
moleskin-buy a package to share, sticks must have a strip
mouth guards
all parts of uniform (Tina will bring uniforms that you have ordered)

There will be food for purchase and also bleachers to sit in so don’t worry about bringing chairs. We will probably set up a Stryker team area outside and there is plenty of space to hang out.