Gilroy Teams Posted

Gilroy’s teams and schedules are posted below. We will be at their football stadium. Bring pop-up tents if you have one and we can set up a Stryker area since teams will be there all day. I’d also suggest to bring food and drink so you don’t need to leave. Last year they had food for sale as well.

U16 and U14 teams should arrive by 7:15 while U19, U12 and U10 should be there by 12:15 to check in with the coaches. I apologize for the funky format of the schedules but that is how the excel format came out.

Check back on Friday for any updates and/or changes.

U19, U12 and U10 Schedule
U16 and U14 Schedule
Gilroy Teams update 5.2.14

Go Strykers!

UOP Team Updates

There have been only a few updates on the teams. The schedule is the same as the last post. See you all there bright and early. Go Strykers!

UOP Teams

UOP Teams and Schedule

Posted below are the teams and schedules for UOP this weekend. U14 and U16 are on Sat. and U19 is on Sun. You need to be at the field by 7:30 and ready for the clinic at 8:00. The first games begin at 9 a.m. According to Google Maps it takes about 1:30 to get to the field, so plan accordingly. The address/map link are on the Stryker website under tournaments. Also, I would suggest bringing food, drinks and sun protection so that you don’t have to leave the campus.

Note: The field is grass but should be cut fairly short, bring whatever shoes you play with on the turf. If you have cleats, bring them as well but don’t go out and buy special ones for this tourney. Also, please check back here Friday in case there are any last minute changes.

UOP Teams
UOP U19 schedule
UOP U16/14 schedule

Stanford Teams Posted

After looking at the schedule, each team has four games. Also, game times vary for each team so see below to find out when you should be there (double check on the schedule to be sure I didn’t make a mistake). We will have an area set up to check in for Stryker so you can find your teammates and coaches. The teams and schedule for this weekend are listed below:

Stanford Tournament Teams Updated 4.11.14 (2:10 pm)
Stanford Tournament Schedule

All U12 players be there on Friday at 5:15 (or 5:30 if that is tight) for a 6:00 p.m. start time DIVISION CANCELLED Updated 4.11.14 (2:10 pm)
All U14 teams be there on Sat. at 6:45 a.m. for a 7:30 start time.
All U16 teams be there on Sat. at 10:15 for 11:00 and 11:30 games
All U19 players be there on Sunday by 1:45 for a 2:30 game

No Practice Tuesday and Summer Camp Info

Most area schools are out on Spring Break including the ones that several of the coaches teach at. So...we won’t have practice this Tuesday. They will resume and continue until May 6th.

Also, there are some summer camp opportunities for younger players. Tina coaches at Branham and Karin at Leigh. Both schools will have a 4-day camp for younger players to learn the basics and to further their skills. Leigh has there camp right after school is out and Branham is the next week. Below are the links to camp information.

Leigh Camp-June 16-19 (9-12 daily)
camp flyer
camp waiver/sign-up
Branham Camp-June 23-26 (9-12:30 daily)
Sign-up link

Please spread the word to younger sisters and neighbors. We would love to help this sport and our club to continue to grow.

Gilroy Schedule and Team Update

Sorry about the late post, but I was out and just got home. We received the schedules this evening and also have a few changes on the teams.

U14/12/10 Schedule
U16 Schedule
U19 Schedule

Updated Team Lists