Gilroy Teams and Practice Schedule Updated

The Gilroy Tournament teams have been updated. We will post the schedule as soon as it comes out. Check for any updates. Also, the practices for the rest of the season have been updated on the calendar and practice pages as well. There IS practice on Tuesday but NOT Saturday due to the Gilroy tournament.

Tournament Updates

The teams and schedule for the Stanford for U19 and U16 teams have been slightly changed. U12 is now back on Sunday. The UOP tournament teams have been updated as well. The Gilroy Outdoor Tournament has been posted. Please check and let us know if there are any issues. All updates are on the tournaments page under the specific tournament.

The Stanford tournament schedule is now posted. Read it carefully to see when you play. The teams are posted as well so be sure you make it at the correct time. If you are not on a team and you want to play, please contact us at Also, even if teams are full, you can come up and if someone drops out, you can be placed on a team.

IMPORTANT: There will be no practice this Tuesday due to Spring Break for many high schools.